Spectacular open air cable car

September 23, 2012

The use of roof-less ski lift is not a new idea – riding either in old model, open topped or walk-in gondolas that transport skiers from the resorts main car park to the base of slopes has been in vogue for many decades, and the system is often referred to as ‘bucket lift’ on the lighter note.

However, now Doppelmayr Garaventa Group has introduced a superior level roof-less lift and installed one just above Lake Lausanne in Switzerland. The newly launched double-decker cable car, whose cost is 28.1m euros, allows visitors to enjoy the fresh breeze along with scenic landscapes from the open top deck as the lift rises to a height of 1900 meters above Mount Stanserhorn.

Called “CabriO”, the cable car is the first of its kind to have a roofless upper floor. The lower deck features wall-to-wall windows and has a capacity for sixty people. From this deck there is a graceful staircase up to the roofless deck, which can accommodate thirty people.

In the beginning, many lashed out at this new design terming it as a ‘crazy idea’; however, by and by the lift has received significant popularity with innumerable guests so far having opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views and the cool breeze through their hair. The lift travels a vertical 1139 meters in just over of six minutes. “Our objective was to improve the skiing experience during the holidays. We simply looked for providing our guests a completely new aspect of riding,” said JürgBalsiger, the director of the ski lift company.

It should be noted that this roof-less cable car is not the only record for Stanserhorn, the old funicular launched here in 1893 also set a world record for being the longest funicular of the time.

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