Touchscreen gloves to keep your hands warm while skiing

October 11, 2012

With the number of smartphone users rapidly growing all over the world, it is not unreasonable to claim that a great number of skiers also use smartphones. However, it is also a matter of fact that as soon as the winter season approaches in its full swing our regular gloves simply can’t be used to operate our technically-superior friends.

Luckily, many companies have taken it as their responsibility to find a solution to this problem, and surprisingly we are now equipped with a wide variety of ‘eGloves’ that we can put on to play ball with our touchscreen gadgets.

The distinct quality of these gloves is that they use conductive technology to let your fingers and thumbs operate the touchscreen of your smartphone. Many manufacturers are out there to produce a handsome variety of these gloves, all using somewhat different technologies.

eGloves beautifully explains on its website the science working behind such gloves, rejecting a common myth that considers capacitive touchscreen to be heat sensitive. According to the website a capacitive touchscreen reacts to the users’ natural bioelectricity, with the tiny amount of salt and oil present in the users’ skin stimulating electrons to flow in between the phone and the user, thus keeping the touchscreen active and working.

So how does this type of gloves work? eGloves utilizes silver, which is the best conductive element on the Periodic Table. Using a specially designed glove is a great idea that helps millions of skiers to keep calling, texting and capturing right away when they are the snowy slopes.

Both eGlove and aGloves have recently expanded their ranges and introduced a wide selection of gloves for different uses. eGlove has recently launched eSki gloves, that are already popular with professional British skiers and snowboarders. AGloves also offers dedicated sports gloves all available on their website.

You can get these gloves directly from the manufactures’ websites to make sure you won’t have to miss a single moment of snapping or an important phone call in the snow this winter. With wifi increasing available on the slopes of many ski resorts investing in an pair of eGloves might just be the thing you need.

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